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An unusual Westminster chime movement for a unique grandfather clock

An unusual 2 train Westminster chime movement. 2 gear trains do the work of 3. The shifting device on the hammer assembly is the weak point, but I got it working again (whew).

A Clock by Louis Brocot

Red Marble clock with

An incredible clock by Brocot


Equation of time, Moon dial, 
calendar and day of the week (in French)

Calander with equation of time, Moondial, Day and Date.

by Louis Brocot

The main clock dial with the exposed Brocot escapement with jeweled pallets.

Exposed escapement with jeweled pallets.

View of the back

Showing the linkage between the two dials.

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back of the time movement

150 years later

A very fine french movement

back of the complications dial

The lever that moves the complications

A unique clock mechanism for the complications. Not a grandfather clock, but a gem of a clock - made in France, found in Los Angeles